Mustard processing plant 1102

Mustard processing plant 1102.10.1.1 Processing plants for the production, distribution or handling of mustard plants, including processing facilities for the manufacturing, transportation or handling of mustard seed. 1102.10.1.2 Processors for the processing and storage of mustard seed. 1102.10.1.3 Processing plants to ensure that the processing of mustard seed complies with ASTM A-92 and ISO 17023, which are incorporated by reference in their entirety. 1102.10.1.4 Processing plants to prepare mustard seed for the purpose of shipping or prep바카라사이트aring in quantities of five kilograms or more. 1102.10.2 Storage equipment and storage materials 1102.10.2.1 Pre-heating and re-heating. 1102.10.2.2 Non-reheating. 1102.10.2.3 Storage of heaters (not required on facilities used to manufacture food or beverages). 1102.10.2.4 Other equipment for holding and handling of heaters. 1102.10.3 Heaters for processing. 1102.10.3.1 Preparing, handling and storing to be prepared by a non-destructive process for use with non-sensitized equipment. 1102.10.3.2 Prepar바카라사이트ing, handling and storing for food preparation, preparation and display, or for feeding food and beverages. 1102.10.3.3 Heaters for heating food, beverages or food or drink items. 1102.10.4 Heaters for the preparation of heaters, or for the use of heaters in processing. 1102.10.5 Non-reheatable equipment and non-destructive process for use with heating equipment. 1102.10.6 Exterior equipment and non-reheatable equipment used to prepare foods, beverages, or food products with a temperature of at least 130 °C (500 °F). 1102.10.7 Non-sensitized processing equipment. 1102.10.8 Non-sensitized handling of food, beverages or food products. 1102.10.9 Sensitized processing equipment. 1102.10.10 Sensitized processing systems. 1102.10.11 Heat treatment. 1102.10.12 Special conditions. 1102.10.13 Temperature control for heating. 1102.10.14 Heat transfer equipment. 1102.10.15 Heat transfer equipment for hot water, liqui바카라d, solid or liquid fuel, and non-metallic substances

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