Sayed abbas detained again:

Sayed abbas detained again:

«They were detained for more than 20 hours… they didn’t know what to do.»


Abbas said the women were arrested for refusing to carry arms, carrying bombs, and joining Islam우리카지노ic State. «We arrested them for a whole day without having any reason. They had to spend four days in jail be바카라fore they were released.»

Abbas’ family said their daughter, the wife of a prominent Shiite cleric and friend of his, was pregnant and was due to give birth the next day, which they believe would have led to her being arrested for alleged adultery.

The two, who live in the same village near a major military base, were arrested about two months ago by local police after being stopped as they were heading to a bus station in neighboring Iraq on their way to a doctor’s appointment.

«They were kidnapped by Iraqi security forces, but the women were released on Tuesday and late바카라사이트r returned to their families to undergo medical testing,» said Abdulahi, who declined to give his last name. He confirmed they were detained by «foreign armed groups» but declined to name them.

On May 18, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, following a visit to the country, announced the suspension of Iraqi air strikes against ISIL and the lifting of the temporary visa restrictions on those traveling to the country.

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